Your Browsing is NOT Private!

On April 3rd 2017 the President repealed an FCC privacy rule that would have protected you from your Internet Service Provider selling your personal information including your… BROWSER HISTORY. 

Still not convinced? See what the experts are saying:

What is BubbleVPN?

BubbleVPN – is a Virtual Private Network service that allows users to browse the Internet via an encrypted "bubble". When browsing in The Bubble, your history and online activities stay anonymous and would appear to any outside observers as unreadable. 

Our service allows you to browse the Internet with peace of mind!

Why Do I Need BubbleVPN?

Great question – but you know what? We think YOU should answer this one. Here are some facts:

  • Outside The Bubble, you can't protect your data from being bought and sold without your knowledge or permission. Inside the Bubble, you can! 
  • Outside The Bubble, you don't have access to Geo-restricted content. That means you can't view online content that isn't available in your part of the world. Inside the Bubble, you can! 
  • Outside The Bubble, you don't have access to blocked and/or censored websites. 

So you tell us. Do YOU think Life is better inside The Bubble? 

Hide Your IP Address & Location

 Your IP addess is a unique number that gets assigned to your device or network. It is used to track you online and find out your physical location.

Encrypt Your Life

Bubble-Grade AES 256-bit encryption shields you from prying third-partes and adds yet another layer of security.

Protect Your Data

What you do inside The Bubble is your business so you're in control of what you put on the Internet.

Global Servers = Faster Speeds 

 Choose from our many lightning fast servers located around the globe to best suit your needs.


"Life inside the Bubble" means ZERO LOGS. We do not store your IP Address or your Internet Activity. 

We're Compatible!

Our service works for: Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS... basically if it connects to the Internet we have you covered!

Who are We?

BubbleVPN is a judgment-free, encrypted safe VPN for online browsing on every platform

BubbleVPN, the only fully independent, grass-roots VPN service on the Net. We don't have big backers, we don't have corporate sponsorship. We're just a small group of peeps who believe in privacy – what we call "Life Inside The Bubble."  

Ooookay. So what's all this about a "Bubble"? Good question, us! There are two components to The Bubble. The service, called BubbleVPN. And the physical device, called simply, The Bubble (Coming Soon - Kickstarter Summer 2017).

 The SERVICE – BubbleVPN – is a Virtual Private Network that allows users to browse the Internet via an encrypted "bubble" that appears to outside observers as an unreadable, anonymous connection. By browsing in The Bubble, your history and online activities stay anonymous. Your user profiles, browsing habits, and personal information stay hidden from lurkers, spies and Big Business. The Bubble keeps your data safe, secure and useless to the open market. No data, nothing to sell. 

This service is ONLINE and WORKING RIGHT NOW - Signup Below: 





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15+ End-Points Worldwide

USA: Seattle, Dallas, Silicon Valley, Las Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, New Jersey, and Chicago

Europe: London, Amsterdam, Franfurt, and Paris

Asia: Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney

Get Inside the Bubble - It Only Takes 60 Seconds!


Unlimited Plans Include: 

- Unlimited Bandwidth

- Protects up to 5 Devices

- PC, Mac, iOS, and Android Clients

- 30 Day Money Back GUARANTEE

- 24/7 Online Support

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